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About the Lab

ORBIT Lab is a new initiative launched at AU Engineering in close collaboration with other departments at Aarhus University and a number of leading tech companies. We are re-thinking the way to develop high quality, creative tech talents for the future and inspire innovation and entrepreneurship.

The space is situated at Aarhus University School of Engineering, in the very heart of campus at Katrinebjerg. It is accessible 24-7 for highly motivated students from engineering programs and computer science, guided and inspired by the best researchers and domain experts from Aarhus University and our partners.

ORBIT Lab is a creative and inspirational workspace and unique experimental facility packed with the most recent technology in mobile, wearable, cloud, IoT, VR/AR, and test equipment. With this in hand we challenge the eager minds of driven students to create innovative solutions, explore their ideas and get them off the ramp. The goal is to create a vibrant and interdisciplinary community that allows the kind of deep learning that can only be acquired through immersion, exploration, trial-and error – and a healthy dose of tenacity!

The students can also engage in ongoing projects with our industrial or academic partners to build proof-of-concept prototypes and solve real world problems. Our partners are kept up-to-date with the latest developments in technology through the close collaboration with our students and staff about specific projects. Aside from the ongoing work, we will be hosting a range of events such as tech talks, workshops, hackathons and pitch nights to inspire, facilitate learning and foster networks with students and industrial partners.

Thus, at it’s core ORBIT Lab is a reactor of ideas, skills and knowledge fueled by passion for exploring and mastering technology while creating new and exciting solutions for real world problems – and having fun at the same time!

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We are a vibrant and rapidly growing community of students, academics, industry professionals with a burning passion for creating new things using cutting-edge technologies, changing the world, learning by doing and having fun along the way!

The ORBIT Lab community is open and a large part of our tech talks, workshops, trainings, hackathons, etc. will be open as well. We are currently running in “beta” mode, and due to space and resource constraints we can only accommodate a number of AU Engineering and Computer Science students to have 24/7 access and equipment check-out privileges at his stage. Sign up below and become a member and be the first to know when we have events, opportunities or other news.

For any questions and comments regarding ORBIT Lab, please contact Kasper Løvborg Jensen, Associate Professor at Aarhus University School of Engineering, at: